Ice-Lipo Fat Freezing


Fat Freezing Inch Loss System – 

Cryolipolysis, clinically proven results without surgery.Non-Invasive, Pain Free and Zero Downtime!

Example Areas For Fat Freezing:

  • Upper or Lower Abdomen – (1 Area)

  • Upper & Lower Abdomen – (2 Areas)

  • Hips – (2 Areas)

  • Flanks or Love Handles – (2 Areas)

  • Inner or outer Thighs – (2 Areas)

  • Bra or Back Rolls – (2 Areas)

  • Upper Arms – (2 Areas)

  • Lower Abdomen & Hips – (3 Areas)

  • Lower Abdomen & Flanks – (3 Areas)

  • Inner & outer Thighs – (4 Areas)

  • Upper & Lower Abdomen, outer thighs – (4 Areas)

  • Upper & Lower Abdomen, Inner & Outer Thighs – (6 Areas)


Following your Ice-Lipo treatment  there are no strict dietary guidelines to follow or rigorous exercise regime to adhere to. However, it is important to note that your Ice-Lipo treatment has frozen the fat cells in the targeted area and this has led to their ultimate destruction.

Your body will now recognise the destroyed fat cells as toxins and seek to process them by way of your metabolism, immune system and lymphatic system. For this reason, it is wise to assist these internal physiological processes in any way you can. Fortunately, you can give your body a helping hand by following a few simple procedures.